RD Architectural Studio uses a process in developing the projects. Our goal is to successfully guide you through varying aspects of architectural design and building process. We listen carefully to our client’s vision and call upon our many professional skills to design, coordinate and incorporate our product knowledge turning our client’s dream into reality.

1)initial Consultation

We will come to you to discuss your vision. There is no charge for the initial consultation. We discuss your project requirements, budget and project timeline. Based on the scope of work discussed, we will prepare a proposal for architectural services outlining the phases of the project and our fees.

2) Existing Conditions Documentation

If your project is an addition or alteration, we will measure the existing conditions. The owner must provide a copy of the property survey and any other information related to the site.

3) Schematic Design & Design Development

We prepare Alternative Schemes in sketch form for the Client to review at intervals to confirm project’s program followed by a design meeting to discuss any necessary changes. We prepare formal set of Design Drawings to submit to client selected cost estimator and/or contractors to obtain preliminary cost estimate for budgeting purposes.

4)  Variance (if necessary)

If your project requires a variance, we will assist you. We will prepare the set of drawings required for submission of variance application. If requested by you, we will testify with you before your town’s Board of Adjustment.

5) Construction Drawings

Once the design is approved (or the variance is granted) we will work closely with various consultants and prepare final construction drawings with the technical information required to get bids from contractors, obtain the building permit, and execute the construction.

6) Construction Administration

We will be happy to assist you in reviewing samples, resolving contractor’s questions, reviewing requisitions, performing site visits for compliance with construction drawings  and preparing field reports to document any site changes.